About The Picky Eater

Jolene Thym, Founder & Editor
Like many of you, food is my passion. Blogging is a great way to dialog about foods we love -- and foods we might love if we could learn more about what they are, where to find them and how to cook them. You can find my column in print in the San Jose Mercury, Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune. 

I started blogging while working as a food writer at The Oakland Tribune and its sister papers, sandwiching the task between my daily duties of producing columns and stories. In 2009, I launched The Picky Eater. 
Find my blog history at www.ibabuzz/allyoucaneat/ (Note that this link redirects, so you have to manually add the "/allyoucaneat/" part.) 
Contact me at timespickyeater@gmail.com

Sue Edstrom, Contributor
Sue has been an avid cook and connoisseur of delicious foods for as long as she remembers. Although she doesn't consider herself a writer, she serves as a consultant and shopper, providing both ideas and product picks for both the column and the blog. Got new info? Need a fix, a correction, or anything else that's detail oriented? Contact Sue Edstrom at timespickyeater@gmail.com.

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