Monday, February 11, 2013


Fage or Stonyfield?
GREEK WAS AND IS AND WILL BE. And that's just the yogurt reality going forward. Greek yogurt is so much more creamy and tasty than plain yogurt that it's fast becoming the new standard, the only yogurt that many yogurt fans care to eat.
The fun part about the shift in yogurt preferences is watching the marketplace respond. At first, Fage's fruit-on-the-side stood alone. No more. The company continues to be one of the strongest competitors, but a few weeks ago I had a chance to taste a range of pre-mixed flavors from Stonyfield Farms -- and they totally beat Fage in the pre-mixed category.
I know, hard to believe. But it's true. While I was at this year's NASFT Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last month, I grabbed a cup of Fage's Nonfat Raspberry. It was good. But it was much sweeter and less of what I wanted than the same flavor made by Stonyfield Farms, which calls theirs "Blends." Both yogurts can be found at Whole Foods stores.


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