Friday, February 8, 2013


IT'S SO EASY TO snack wrong. You're starved and the cheese is right there. Or the all-white crackers. Or the hunk of leftover cake, or whatever else is in sight. The best fix for breaking out of the bad-eating habit is to sprinkle pouches of good-for-you snacks around the house.
That's what I did when Nature Box sent me a box of healthy snacks. The box included things like non-sugary trail mix, toasted sesame stix, sunflower seeds, pistachios. Every single snack was ultra-fresh, tasty and exactly what I needed to get me to my next meal.
A box of five snacks is $19.95, but you could get double the product for $29.95, which brings the price of each bag to an affordable $3. The first order is shipped free -- not sure what the costs would be for subsequent orders, but careful shopping for shipping codes might help there. If you're not worried about those charges, you can sign up for automatic shipments each month.
One added bonus you need to know about: Each time a purchase is made, Nature Box donates a meal to Feeding America, an anti-hunger organization. For more details on Nature Box, go to


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