Tuesday, February 12, 2013


IF FEB. 14 FINDS YOU empty handed and wondering how to celebrate the evening with someone special, here's a simple fix. Get yourself to a place with a decent selection of wine and pick up a bottle of St. Francis Chardonnay, then wander to the deli department and find the best brand of spinach dip you can find. If it has brie or crab on the label, even better. Last stop -- the bread counter. Get the best and freshest baguette you can find.
The wine is killer, and it's a really great pairing with the same kind of dip that more abitious, culinary types would want to make at home. If you are of the latter group, you can find a great Crab, Spinach and Brie Dip by the winery's Executive Chef Dave Bush by clicking on the Recipe Archive page to the right.
Just in case you're more of a fan of red (me), grab the St. Francis Sonoma County Merlot and pair it with a rich chocolate dessert of your choice. You could make Chef Dave's souffle, but really any chocolate dessert will do the trick. Find his souffle recipe in the Recipe Archive (to the right side of this page.) It's the second recipe down (at the moment.)

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