Sunday, December 2, 2012


One of many desserts made from Bene Imo.
JUST IN CASE the title of this post means nothing to you, I've included a picture of one of the most famous desserts made from this remarkably colorful, purple sweet potato that thrives on the typhoon-plagued island of Okinawa, located south of Japan-proper.
This is a simple pastry boat filled with slightly sweetened potato puree. The color is incredible; the flavor -- understated but kinda yummy. It's sweetishl it doesn't taste a bit like potatoes, just in case you are concerned. In addition to being one of the primary ingredients for these treats, the Okinawan sweet potato is also used to make everything from ice cream (yum!) to "cheese cake" (I did not try.) Since the flavor is so mild -- nearly indetectable in many foods -- my guess is that it's the dense color that seduces.

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